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Well, I figured I'd bring those two worlds together. So this is episode one of sneakers. In tech before we kick things off, I want to give a big shout out to the folks over at beats by dre. They actually sponsored this article and they're helping me kick off the series with that being said, let's start with the beats X wireless headphones.

Now these have actually been out for a year or so, but when you really start thinking about Beats, you have to go back like 10 years to when they had the big giant red earphones now, obviously, things have changed tremendously since then, and everything has gone Wireless, Whether you like it or not for me going Wireless actually works. I run a lot in the morning so having something that's wireless that I can just put in my ears and not have a wire, that's hanging between my phone and my headphones.

It'S something that was really beneficial to me, because it allows me to kind of run, free and not worry about jerking out of cable or jerking the headphones out of my ear or jerking the headphones out of the phone. The headphones have basically three parts: there's the flex cable that goes around your neck and it's actually flexible, as opposed to the solid pieces that you see on some headphones.

There is the wiring that has the controls on it and then there's also the in-ear actual headphones. As with most headphones these days, they come with a bunch of different ear tips, but the things that I actually use are the wingtips. Now the ear tips are, if you want to stick the headphones directly into your ear. That'S not something that I do. I use the wingtips because I'm usually running when I'm wearing my headphones and shoesera so those fit better in my ear and they don't fall out as often they do come in a variety of sizes, both the ear tips and the wing tips and really they serve as A bit of isolation: now there are noise cancelling headphones, but I feel like this is more noise isolation, where it's not a true cancellation of the sound it's just that they fit so snug.

Inside of your ear that they're able to block out a lot of the sound that's happening around you, as most of you probably know, Apple bought beats a few years ago, and they have the w1 chip now, which makes it super easy to pair this to your Ios device - literally, you just hold the on button next to your phone and it syncs automatically. All you have to do is click connect and connect done and then you're done also being an Apple product.

It'S pretty seamless to actually control your device directly from the headphones. You can answer phone calls, you can hang up phone calls, you can switch song and you can go previous, you can go next and you can also control the volume. One of the bigger issues with wireless headphones is battery life. These X actually handles that with something that they call fast fuel. What it is is you can charge your headphones for five minutes and that will last you for two hours.

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